Perth Surveying Services

With almost 40 years’ experience of providing top quality Perth surveying services, Horizon Surveys have a reputation for quality, professionalism and value-for-money survey services that are second to none. From feature surveys to As-constructed and Audit surveys, our team offer a range of survey services for all kinds of projects. Whether you’re a home owner, a land owner, a developer, a local council or an engineer, builder or architect, you can rely on us to get the job done in a prompt and efficient manner.
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Feature surveys in Perth

If you require a feature survey, our experienced surveyors are on hand to obtain all the vital on-site information and details you need.

We provide all our findings either on a plan or in a digital report prior to the initial planning and design phase of your project. 

Re-pegs or Re-establishment surveys

Our Licensed Land Surveyors will perform re-pegs or re-establishment surveys in accordance with the Survey Regulations to ensure that we provide precise boundary locations.

Although these surveys sometimes have a reputation for being extremely time-consuming, you’ll find that all our survey services are offered at a very competitive price.

Identification Surveys

If you require an identification survey in Perth, our surveyors can undertake the necessary work to determine all improvements in relation to the boundaries and create a detailed report which will include the legal description of the land and any encroachments and status of easements.

Construction Surveys and Set-Out Surveys

To aid the precise positioning of steel structures, concrete walls and holding down bolts, we offer construction surveys and set-out surveys.

Using specialised equipment, together with our extensive knowledge and expertise we’ll produce the highly accurate survey report needed when houses or large steel or concrete buildings are being constructed.

Mining Tenement Surveys

Following instruction by the Department of Mines and Petroleum, our experienced surveyors will carry out the necessary survey to establish the extent of the mining lease area. 

As experts with almost 40 years of experience in carrying out mining tenement surveys in W.A., we can survey the tenements in accordance with the Department of Mines and Petroleum Instructions.

Lease Area Surveys

If commercial areas have a third-party tenant, we can conduct lease area surveys to calculate the extent of this leased Area according to Nett Lettable or Gross Lettable Area definitions.

Using modern surveying equipment, these surveys help determine the area under lease in accordance with the lease area guidelines issued by The Property Council of Australia.

As-constructed and Audit Surveys

To determine whether a structure has been constructed to design specifications, you need an as-constructed survey and/or an audit survey.

Our licensed surveyors are qualified to draw up detailed plans to show the dimensions and levels of structures such as roads, bridges, dams, excavation areas or landfills. Our audit surveys can also be utilised during the construction stage of the project.

Contact your local building surveyor in Perth

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Horizon licensed surveyors provide the best surveying services in Perth. We specialise in residential land surveys, site & subdivision surveys

Surveying services from Horizon Surveys

There are currently only about 250 practising licensed surveyors in Western Australia. More than half of them are over the age of 50, and less than five percent are under 30 years of age.

This means the demand for surveyors is a lot higher than the available supply. As the current generation of surveyors continues to age and then retire, the supply will tighten up even further because, as you can see, not enough young people are qualifying as surveyors.

Not every supplier of Perth surveying services is going to be equal in terms of quality, technology, or availability.

For your project, you'll want to have the best surveyors you can get, but due to the aforementioned supply shortage, it means you need to prepare well in advance, and choose carefully.

What you can get from Horizon Surveys

Horizon Surveys is the preferred supplier of Perth surveying services to numerous engineering firms, building companies, estate agencies, and property owners throughout the city of Perth and outlying regional areas.

The survey services provided by Horizon include:

  • Land surveys
  • Strata surveys
  • Subdivision surveys
  • Audit surveys
  • As-constructed surveys
  • Feature surveys
  • Identification surveys
  • Construction and set-out surveys
  • Mining tenement surveys
  • Re-establishment surveys
  • Lease area surveys

Each of these different survey types has specific requirements determining which tasks are performed, what data is collected, how it is collected, and what results are expected as the outcome of the work.

Why you should choose Horizon Surveys

Horizon Surveys has the personnel, equipment, experience, and expertise to produce superior quality results on all Perth surveying services in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

If you are not a professional in the building or property services industry, you may not necessarily be aware of which specific surveying services you need to order.

Horizon Surveys can help you to work this out based on the outcomes you are hoping to achieve from having the survey work performed for you.

Working with Horizon Surveys, you can always be sure of complete professionalism at all times. If need be, we will talk through every step of a selected service so you fully understand what to expect. It's the little things like this that have made Horizon Surveys a big success.

We care about providing great customer service to our clients as much as we care about providing the utmost quality in surveying services.

For all your survey needs, come to Horizon Surveys, so you can be certain of getting excellent service, outstanding results, and complete peace of mind.

As a licensed, registered, fully insured service provider, you can relax, secure in the knowledge that Horizon Surveys will not let you down.

Horizon Surveys is your local surveying expert in Perth and surrounding areas. Our range of Perth surveying services includes everything common to surveying, plus some more uncommon services.

Surveying is a suite of many different facets including Contour and Feature Surveys, Subdivision of land (either Green title or Strata), Construction set-out as AsConstructed Surveys, Lease Area surveys, remarking of original boundaries and Calculation of Volumes.

The full list of services it is possible to get from a survey company is quite extensive, but the most commonly requested services include:

Construction site surveys

Surveying is an essential task in construction, because it is necessary to make sure every building is built in the correct position. Horizon Surveys provides a Perth surveying service that excels in providing accurate data and ensuring construction workers can perform their tasks with the right information. Horizon Surveys can accurately set-out buildings and structures to within millimetres.

Subdivision surveys

When you want to subdivide an area of land, it is not only a legal requirement to have a land survey performed by a Licensed Surveyor, but it is best practice to have trained professionals do the work. It can be very valuable information you learn from a Licensed Surveyor, that can influence how you decide to subdivide the land.

Mining tenement surveys

Being located in Western Australia means most Perth survey services must at some time work with the mining industry and provide the survey information necessary for mining sites. Horizon Surveys has a long history as a survey company in Perth, and that includes extensive experience in mining surveys including setting of structures and in the locating of tenement boundaries. Horizon Surveys can also perform Surveys to calculate Volumes of Stockpiles and earthworks.

Cadastral and contour surveys

These types of surveys establish the terrain features, contours, and boundaries of a site. This information can be used in all kinds of ways including GIS, mapping, terrain modelling, 3D plotting, animation development for movies and games, construction planning, and many other purposes.

Set-out surveys

Construction projects are complex operations, and in certain types of construction it can be very important to make sure supporting structural components are placed with great precision. Surveyors are the people who make this precision possible.

As-constructed and audit surveys

After a construction work is completed, it is necessary to verify that construction meets the required design criteria. As-Constructed and Audit Surveys provide a detailed analysis of any departure in design parameters. Sometimes it might be impossible to correct errors that have been made in the construction, but being able to quantify these errors can help in remedial action being able to be taken.

 Re-establishment surveys

In older areas Re-establishment Surveys are required as the original boundary points have deteriorated and original corner locations are “lost”. A licensed land Surveyor can re-establish the original corners in their correct position. In Western Australia a Regulation 25A certificate is issued to a client to provide them with a sketch/report showing the boundaries and any improvements close by. This Certificate can only be given by a Licensed Land Surveyor.  

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Feature Surveys

Feature surveys are used to obtain vital on-site information and details. The process involves the locating all features and services, and providing this information on a plan or in a digital report. Features located include roads, paths, buildings, retaining walls and vegetation. The plans are detailed and show Contours and levels to AHD (Australian Height Datum) with the Cadastral (boundary) overlain on the plan.

These surveys are generally required before the initial planning and design phase of a project, most often used by architects or design engineers.


Re-pegs / Re-establishment Surveys

These surveys are performed by Licensed Land Surveyors whereby original property boundaries are re-established and marked by pegs or other suitable markings. These surveys can be time consuming as in older surveys the original boundaries may be 100 years old. A certificate is required to be signed by the Licensed Surveyor stating that the work has been undertaken in accordance with the Survey Regulations.


Identification Surveys

Identification Surveys are carried out by Licensed Land Surveyors and determine all improvements (Buildings, awnings, Garages and brick walls) in relation to the boundaries. Any easements (access, sewer, height restrictions) are commented on in a report stating the legal description of the land and any encroachments by or upon the Land.


Lease Area Surveys

Commercial areas are often tenanted to third parties, and surveys may be required to calculate the area in question. A lease area survey can help determine the area under lease, using modern equipment and following the lease area guidelines from The Property Council of Australia. Depending on the tenancy, the Survey may be required to measure GLA (Gross Lettable Area) or NLA (Nett Lettable Area).


Construction and Set-out Surveys

These surveys are done to aid with the precise positioning of concrete walls, steel structures and holding down bolts. A surveyor will use their expertise, experience and specialised equipment to ensure that the high level of accuracy required for the building of houses and large steel or concrete buildings is achieved.


As-Constructed and Audit Surveys

As-constructed surveys and audit surveys are critical elements in deciding whether a structure has been built to design specifications. The surveyor will draw up plans that clearly show the dimensions and levels of a particular structure, which includes roads, bridges, dams, excavation areas or landfills. Audit Surveys are also performed during the construction stage in order to verify positions for holding down bolts plinths, roads and structures.


Mining Tenement Surveys

A mining tenement survey is required to establish the extent of the actual mining lease area for mining tenements. The pegging on the ground needs to be found and any priorities of prior marking out need to be determined.

The Survey of a Mining tenement occurs after instructions issued by the Department of Mines and Petroleum are handed to Licensed surveyors who can then perform these duties noting the hierarchy of tenements.



Cadastral land surveying is a branch of land surveying that focuses on establishing your property boundaries. When Horizon Surveys conducts cadastral surveying on your land, we determine the actual Boundaries and place Boundary marks on the corners of your land.

There are several circumstances in which cadastral land surveying becomes a necessity. Many cadastral land surveys happen when Boundaries need to be marked to determine new fencing lines or when buildings need to be setout at specific distances from the boundary. (ie a Parapet wall)