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Subdivision is the creation of smaller Lots from a Larger parent Lot

Freehold/Green Title

In Western Australia, all subdivision of land is controlled by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC), which sets the minimum standards and requirements. Under a Freehold or Green title subdivision lots are created independently of each other. There is no shared ownership and all service connections are completely separate. The subdivision process generally follows the following path:
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The best subdivision surveyors in Perth

If you’re planning a residential or commercial project that requires sub-divisions, you need to speak to the team here at Horizon Surveys. With 40 years of experience in land subdivision, we are the land subdivision surveyors in Perth you can rely on.

Not only do we have extensive experience of liaising with the WA Planning Commission and Local Governments in the area, but we’ve also been involved in a multitude of successful subdivisions through Perth and the surrounding rural areas.

Our wealth of knowledge of the town planning process and our extensive experience as subdivision surveyors makes us one of the most reliable and professional team of subdivision surveyors Perth has available.

A range of site surveying services in Perth and beyond

Our team of professional and experienced surveyors are on hand to assist with all kinds of subdivision projects.

Whether you simply want to subdivide a small area of residential land or you’re a developer with a large area of land to develop, you can count on Horizon Surveys. Using a fully integrated approach, we coordinate the whole process from seeking government approvals to strata surveys and feature surveys to offer a top service from start to finish.

Whether you require us to handle a survey strata subdivision or your project is more complex, we have the experience and the expertise to carry it out. Our strata surveyors are some of the best in the business and we’ve gained a reputation as being the land subdivision surveyors in Perth you can trust.

Prompt, accurate and professional Perth contour surveys

Whether you’re planning a small extension or a large subdivision project, we can help you every step of the way, providing prompt and accurate feature and contour surveys at a very affordable price.

Our experienced surveyors are experts in this kind of work, and have a reputation for providing some of the best value for money contour surveys in Perth to fully meet your Building Designer’s or Council Submittal requirements.

We provide high quality, easily understandable colour plans, together with digital CAD files to make it easy to make the most appropriate design decisions. 

And, with our commitment to the continual improvement of our services through staff training and investing in new technologies, you’ll be guaranteed that you’re getting some of the best subdivision survey services in Perth. 

Contact us now to find out more about our strata property surveys

If you’d like to know more about any aspect of our strata property surveys, please call us now on (08) 9387 8226.

Whether you’re a developer, a builder or a land or home owner, if you need a comprehensive well priced site survey, Perth based Horizon Surveys can either look after your project from start to finish or guide you through the process so that you can gain the experience you need for your future projects.

Horizon licensed surveyors provide the best surveying services in Perth. We specialise in residential land surveys, site & subdivision surveys

Subdivisions are a delicate area of property law which, if not managed right, can lead to complications and delays when it comes to property sales and land development. Make a mess of your subdivision plans, and it can prove very costly to you.

The most common scenarios where people subdivide land are:

property developers selling off portions of land as part of development projects, and

General public wishing to sell off part of the property they own by way of a green title subdivision or a Survey Strata Subdivision or a Strata (Built) subdivision. 

There can be other situations where subdivision is desirable as well. In all cases, no matter what the reason may be, there are distinct steps which must be undertaken in order for the property to be successfully subdivided.

1. Consult a licensed surveyor

This is the best way to find out all the information you need to know about licensing and permits without putting in a lot of hard work on your own. Whenever you need any information related to anything that deals with Subdivision of land, Horizon Surveys should be your choice.

Our experience as subdivision surveyors in Perth is very extensive. We can provide all the details you need to make informed choices about your subdivision plans. There are many things to consider including the Zoning of the land, the required area size for the proposed lots, access and whether a battle-axe or a side by side type scenario is best. 

2. Perform an initial property survey

The information you obtain from your property survey will allow you to make detailed plans before you apply to subdivide your land, which means you already know all the details of exactly what you want to do.

Deciding on an appropriate boundary line may seem like a simple task, but in fact there are so many things you'll need to take into account. For example there may be minimum and maximum area limits applying to the subdivision.

The geographical features of your land could also going to be decisive in planning your subdivisions. Our experience shows that in Perth, contour surveys are essential to help you get an accurate idea of how your land is really shaped and for submitting to the WAPC. Just looking at a two dimensional map doesn't always tell the whole story, and it's so much easier to make mistakes when you don't have the full picture.

3. Submit the applications

Subdivisions (Green Title and Survey Strata ) in Western Australia are handled by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). Before your land can actually be subdivided, your subdivision plans must be approved by the WAPC.

Often you'll be given the impression that you need to do all the work yourself, but when you engage Horizon Surveys as your consultants, we can draw up all the plans and submit the necessary paperwork for you.

As part of the application process, we will advise the submit to the WAPC of a copy of the results of your site survey in Perth or other areas of Western Australia, with the proposal to subdivide the land and then it is simply a matter of waiting for the plan to be approved with certain conditions.

Once the plan is approved (conditionally), you can then formally subdivide the land. The waiting process does take some time, because the government allows departments (ie Water Corporation, Western Power and Local governments) people the opportunity to provide their input and requirements to your subdivision plans 

4. React to the decision

Generally the WAPC will approve the application to subdivide upon you fulfilling certain conditions (generally these include bot not limited to:

providing Underground power,

 providing sewer connection/s, and the paying of Headworks charges,

providing appropriate Carparking and storage areas in certain cases.

there also maybe infrastructure and drainage charges levied by Local Gvt in certain areas.

Subdividing land should be simple

It definitely should be simple to subdivide land, but unfortunately there are many areas it can go astray. To give your subdivision the best chance of success, consult with Horizon Surveys from the first moment you make the decision to subdivide.

You have nothing to lose by doing so by working with Horizon Surveys from the start, you'll avoid many of the traps that others blunder into when attempting a property subdivision.

Our long experience and extensive knowledge of property subdivision and the legal process which must take place can be put to work for your advantage.

Call Horizon Surveys on (08) 9387 8226 for more information about our subdivision survey service.

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