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Strata Titles allo multiple ownership by dividing up a property title. These properties are owned separately but often involve some 'common property' (eg. shared driveway and shared connection to utilities). Land can be subdivided into smaller Survey Strata lots or if Buildings are present a Strata (Built) Subdivision may be preferred. Although both create a Strata Title, the process for each is quite different.

Survey Strata Subdivision

This refers to a parcel of land defined by distances and angles that is very similar to a Freehold Lot, however there may be common property and some service connections may be shared.

Stage 1

The developer can usually continue along the subdivision path by following the steps below

Stage 2

Stage 3

Application for New Titles can be made through a Nominated Settlement Agent.
strata survey process
Strata(Built) Surveys
This older form of Strata Title uses the building as a reference point, with boundaries being defined by structures such as walls. The individual owner is solely responsible for the upkeep of the inside of their own property and common areas are maintained by all of the unit owners collectively, through an Owners Corporation. Changes to the Strata Titles Act mean that Strata Plans registered prior to Jan 1 1998 may be modified by way of a Strata Merger or Conversion to Survey Strata, neither of which require approval from the WAPC.

Stratas of 5 Units or less the process is as follows:


Strata Conversions
Strata Plans registered prior to Jan 1 1998 can be converted to Survey Strata Plans. This process will involve all Unit Holders in consultation with the Licensed Surveyor to determine new Survey Strata Boundaries.


Strata Mergers

Land and or Buildings contained in Strata Plans registered prior to Jan 1 1998 can be merged into existing Lots on Strata Plans.


What We Offer

Survey Strata

For developments with vacant or Non vacant lots

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Built Strata

For developments with 2 or more dwellings on the parent Lot.

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Strata Merger/Conversion

For the addition of Buildings/Common property to a Strata Plan

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