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Horiozon Land Surveyors offer specialist advice and a wide range of surveying services. We are committed to serving our clients in a timely and efficient manner. Just as we constantly update and improve our services, we want to continually evolve our company to be in the best position to accelerate new technologies as they emerge and to better serve our clients.
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Land & property surveyors Perth

As specialist land surveyors in Perth, Horizon Surveys have all the expertise and experience needed to offer a wide range of surveying services in Perth, including land surveys and boundary surveys.

Whether you’re looking for a professional land surveyor who can help with boundary identification or you need reliable Perth land surveyors who can assist with complex strata subdivisions, we can help.

Your local experts in boundary land surveys in Perth

When it comes to finding a professional company to carry out boundary surveys, Perth based Horizon Surveys have an enviable reputation for being one of the most reliable and experienced surveying companies in the area.

We’re the specialists in detail surveys Perth architects and engineers prefer, particularly as we always go the extra mile to prepare plans that meet the standards of each individual client.

We’re flexible, approachable, knowledgeable and completely committed to providing the very best customer service that we can. Plus, we always offer value-for-money on all our surveying services.

Experience in both property and land surveys in Perth

With almost 40 years in the surveying industry, we’ve developed quite a reputation in Perth and the surrounding areas for the quality of our services and for being one of the best property surveyors Perth has available.

Since 2007, Horizon Surveys has been looking after the needs of land owners, local councils, land developers, real estate agents, engineers, builders and architects, and indeed anyone who requires professional land surveys in Perth.

Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to providing the very best service possible and, as each member of our team is always fully up to date with all the details of every project we take on, you’re always guaranteed timely updates.

It’s this reliability, professionalism and attention to detail that’s made us one of the best land and residential surveyors Perth has available.

The best place in Perth for your land or property survey

So, if you’re looking for a professional company to carry out your land or property survey, Perth based Horizon Surveys would love to hear from you.

We guarantee that you’ll get a professional and timely service that’s backed up with expertise and knowledge of land surveying that’s second to none.

We continually invest in keeping our staff up to date with all the latest surveying techniques, and are fully committed to investing in new technologies to ensure that we can offer the best range of surveying services possible. 

Contact your local Perth residential land surveyors today

If you’d like to learn more about our land surveying services or indeed any of our surveying services, please call the team here at Horizon Surveys on (08) 9387 8226.

Alternatively send an email to  and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Horizon licensed surveyors provide the best surveying services in Perth. We specialise in residential land surveys, site & subdivision surveys

The importance of land surveying

Anyone who is buying land, developing property, or constructing a home needs a land survey performed by a professional land surveyor.

Not only is a survey a legal requirement in most cases, it is also the most sensible thing to do. Without a survey, you will be missing vital information, and the consequences rang from financial loss to physical endangerment.

A survey can reveal potentially dangerous conditions that exist on the property. That includes things like subsidence, seepage, erosion, and tectonic fault lines.

Knowing about those things that could potentially lead to serious problems later can save you a lot of money and risk in the present. Land surveys are the single most important expenditure in any operation related to property.

Choosing a land surveyor

When you choose a surveyor, it is important to know what to look for. All land surveyors in Perth should have two very important attributes:

They should be registered and licensed with LSLB, and

They should be fully insured

It would be extremely foolish to hire any Perth land surveyors not possessing both of these attributes. Neither is optional, and you increase your potential legal liabilty and risk if you ignore this advice.

The best choice you can make when it comes to property surveyors in Perth is Horizon Surveys. That's because Horizon Surveys has extensive experience as commercial and residential surveyors in Perth. Experience counts for a lot.

Horizon stands out

Why does experience matter? Because to get the best survey, you need a surveyor who is familiar with the local conditions. This saves a lot of time and money in the conduction of the survey, and the surveyor will be aware of certain things ahead of time.

Because we have been in business for many years and conduct surveys all around Perth and regional Western Australia, it means we have accumulated a wealth of local knowledge, which is a significant factor in our ability to perform quality surveys with maximum efficiency.

How land surveys work

The simplest way to explain surveying and what is involved is to describe it as a science of measurement.

The more detailed description is that a property surveyor uses scientific tools and technology to measure property in both horizontal and vertical aspects. Using the information obtained from these measurements, the surveyor can produced accurate property maps and precise topographic information.

This information can be used in many ways. For property buyers, the horizontal measurements are important because they will indicate the accuracy of property boundaries, reveal any encroachment situation, and also identify potential hazards as mentioned previously.

For builders, engineers, landscapers, gardeners and course curators, the vertical (or elevation) measurements provide vital information that can be used in construction planning. These measurements are of most importance for site levelling.

Horizon is the right choice

Horizon Surveys is an expert in Perth land surveying. When you hire us, you can have complete confidence that you will get quality results.

Our experienced team of qualified and licensed property surveyors can provide accurate measurements with maximum efficiency.

Land surveys can help you in many ways. Most commonly land surveys are conducted when a new construction project or land development is about to be designed or commence. Land surveys are also necessary for subdivisions, establishing easements, settling boundary disputes, and many more things.

If you are looking for Perth land surveyors you can rely on for accurate results every time, Horizon Surveys is your answer.

First for professionalism

One of the factors that has helped our company stand out among land surveyors in Perth is that we are totally committed to quality on each and every task we undertake.

We are aware of how important accuracy can be to the outcome of a project, so you will never find our surveyors cutting corners either figuratively or literally.

When you need to be totally sure of 100 percent accuracy, without fail, you need the quality professional surveyors from Horizon Surveys on the job.

How land surveys are conducted

When you see surveyors at work, it seems like the easiest job in the world, right? Most of the time they just seem to be standing around holding poles or peering through scopes. In reality, however, it is a very demanding task requiring meticulous attention to detail and careful measurements and calculations.

Surveying, in the simplest terms, is the science of terrain measurement. Surveyors may need to use a variety instruments to perform these measurements.

If any individual measurement is in error, it could compromise the accuracy of the project or lead to dangerous developments later on.

This is why our land surveyors take their job so seriously and why you can rely on them to give you accurate data.

If all that still sounds really straight-forward and simple, consider that surveyors not only have to think about the situation of the terrain as it is now, but also must be aware of any factors that may cause changes to the terrain in the future.

Surveying is most definitely a serious scientific discipline, which is why it takes years of university study followed by strict licensing conditions in order to qualify as a Licensed surveyor.

Property surveys matter too

Surveying property is just as important as construction surveys. Land Surveyors are the only persons who can accurately measure differences in heights and locate physical features. Our Surveyors can provide Contour and Feature Surveys which show all the changes in levels (Contours).

The Land Boundaries can only be truly determined by licensed surveyors who will determine Lot corners from old survey marks and produce plans showing exact distances. 

Our property surveys include 

Repegging or Remarking of original corners (where original pegs have been destroyed or rotted out over time)

Subdivision of Land into smaller parcels including Green title (Freehold) or Survey Strata Subdivision or Strata Subdivision

Measuring Land or Buildings for Lease Areas or easements.

Identification Surveys – identifying buildings and structures that are situated on any parcel of land and the relationship to Boundaries and easements etc.

Trust Horizon for quality survey results

We are the number one property surveyors in Perth for a reason. Over many years we have established a strong reputation for providing accurate results and unfailing quality.

This is why so many businesses choose us as commercial and residential surveyors in Perth. No matter what the nature of your project is, it is too important to entrust its future to just anyone. Hire Horizon Surveys to conduct your survey work by calling (08) 9387 8226.

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Boundary Surveys

We are experienced Registered Land Surveyors and we specialise in wide variety of boundary surveys. From boundary identification to complex stratum subdivisions, we are experts in all types of boundary surveys. Our services include:

Detail Surveys

We deliver accurate and reliable plans in a wide variety of formats. We work with a number of architects and engineers who benefit from our flexibility and willingness to prepare plans to their standards.