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Here in Australia, we’re lucky enough to have extremely strict regulations in the building industry and other industries related to it. 

One of the most important things to arrange early on in the subdivision or building process is a land survey: the measurements that the surveyors provide will serve as a guide in the decision-making process for all other professionals involved in the creation of your new building or lot.
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A Wide Range of Survey Services in Craigie

If you live in Craigie, land surveyors are – as you’d expect – regulated by a strict licensing authority, but this should not cause you to be complacent when it comes to choosing which company to use. 

Whilst the licensing authority in Western Australia does have extremely stringent requirements of its members in terms of both qualifications and experience, customers are nonetheless best advised to choose a well-established company with a strong reputation in the industry.

This is to guarantee that their survey will be thorough and their measurements precise.

A Reputation for Consistent Quality Land Surveys in Craigie

At Horizon Survey, we’ve spent the last decade providing customers all across Perth and wider Western Australia with affordable access to top quality land surveys conducted by only the best and most experienced professionals in the field.

When they choose us for their land surveys, Craigie customers can expect an extensive survey and highly accurate measurements. 

Both our company and each icensed surveyor we employ is registered with the licensing authority in Western Australia – and we are fully insured to provide our customers with maximum peace of mind.

Craigie Surveyors with State of the Art Equipment

All of our highly trained and experienced surveyors have access to the best and most advanced equipment and technology in the industry – making it easy for them to produce highly precise measurements 100 percent of the time. 

As a result, we’ve successfully established ourselves as once of the leading property surveyors in Craigie, and in Perth more generally.

Reliable & Efficient Land, Property & Residential Surveys in Craigie

Even though we’re one of Perth’s premium residential surveyors, Craigie residents need not worry about their budgets. 

We’ve built the excellent reputation we now have by offering our premium services at fair and reasonable prices, as we understand that the trust and respect that this policy earns us from our customers is mutually beneficial in both the short and long terms.

If you’re currently planning a building project in Craigie, surveyors are available who can conduct highly accurate surveys at very reasonable prices. 

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Contact a member of our team today to find out more about how Horizon Survey can provide you with affordable access to the best surveyors in Craigie.

Horizon Surveys is the leading supplier of land surveys in Perth. We offer our survey services to Bayswater, Hamilton Hill, Gosnells, Thornlie, Duncraig and Craigie.
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Boundary Surveys

We are experienced Registered Land Surveyors and we specialise in wide variety of boundary surveys. From boundary identification to complex stratum subdivisions, we are experts in all types of boundary surveys. Our services include:

Detail Surveys

We deliver accurate and reliable plans in a wide variety of formats. We work with a number of architects and engineers who benefit from our flexibility and willingness to prepare plans to their standards.