Identification Surveys


When you are looking at property to purchase, the process usually involves meeting the real estate agent on site, pointing out and examining the features of the site, and imagining what it will be like to occupy, rent out, renovate or develop. But what if there was a mistake? How would you know if the property you were looking at in real life is the property you are legally purchasing?

This is when an identification survey by a Perth land surveyor will ease concerns, confirm boundaries, and identify issues that might impact the property in the future.


What Are Identification Surveys?


An identification survey is a legal property service that can only be conducted by a licenced surveyor in Perth. All property is bought, sold and owned not by occupation of the land, but in a legal sense with the purchasing of the Certificate of Title. This is a legal document that describes all easements, or conditions that impact the property, it also relates to an official diagram and folio that identify precisely what piece of land is owned by whom, and where the boundaries exist.

These documents carry absolute legal weight with regard to land ownership law in Western Australia, but sometimes the land you look at with a real estate agent might not perfectly match the Certificate of Title being offered for sale. An identification survey sees a surveyor look up the Certificate of Title, diagram and folio, and from these documents positively identify exactly what land is being transacted, what buildings are on that land, or whether there are any encroachments by or upon the land and any other official matter.

When completed, an identification survey might highlight a number of details, including easements that your property has rights or obligations to, areas where neighbouring buildings are built over your property boundaries, or where your structures exceed boundary lines. This permits you to make the most informed decision possible, and the most accurate purchasing offers.


Use a Land Surveyor in Perth For Identification Surveys


To ensure the continuity of Western Australian property rights, and to ensure that expensive mistakes are not made, identification surveys, cadastral surveys and re-establishment surveys are only legal if completed by a licensed surveyor. If you are looking to get an identification survey completed, we recommend thinking about commissioning a re-establishment survey report at the same time. The measurements on site are the same, and having boundaries accurately re-pegged before sale can be useful in truly understanding the property in question.

Horizon Surveys has been working with the property sales and development community for over forty years. We have completed work in all parts of Perth and Regional W.A., and are experienced in surveying work from strata titles to mining tenements.


Contact Licensed Surveyors in Perth For Identification Surveys


If you need an identification survey completed before purchasing new land, or are looking for other reliable, reputable surveying work, call Horizons Survey today. Our team are experienced, qualified and absolutely professional, let us satisfy your survey needs efficiently, legally, and for the best possible price.


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