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Horizon Surveys is one of the most diversified surveying companies in Perth. We service a wide range of clientele, including homeowners, architects, engineers, and land developers. Our team has decades of experience in both small and large-scale projects; we have worked on everything from private homes to commercial complexes to office complexes and large engineering projects in WA.


We conduct feature surveys in Perth’s many suburbs. When you hire Horizon Surveys to do your surveying, you can be confident in our level of professionalism and expertise. All of our cadastral surveyors are licensed by the Land Surveyors Licensing Board and our Engineering Surveyors are tertiary trained. They are experts who use only the latest surveying tools and state-of-the-art equipment to give you the extraordinary service you deserve.


What Is Feature Land Surveying?


Also known as contour surveying, feature land surveying is a necessary first step in all building and development projects. It is the process of identifying, locating, and collating crucial on-site information. During our feature surveys, we locate the specific natural and artificial features of your property, such as buildings, trees, and Natural features.


A complete feature survey should measure the entirety of your property. This includes any features on the nearby street and other adjacent properties as well. Feature land surveys take into account both surface and underground features. Your parcel covers any above-ground structures, utility lines, power and water mains, vegetation, curbs, paths, driveways, fences, retaining walls, and your property boundary information.


There are many instances in which you could need a feature survey. It’s a required process if you’re planning to develop your property. You’ll have to enlist the help of a trusted feature land surveyor if you want to subdivide your property or renovate your home. Feature surveys are also done prior to any major landscaping efforts such as building a swimming pool or building any new structures.


Conducting a feature survey serves a wide variety of purposes. It can help you meet proposed government requirements in the case of extensions, plan for retaining walls to support any new construction, and ensure that any proposed renovations do not obstruct or impede on your neighbours’ property. The feature survey will assist your team of architects and engineers in the design and construction of your buildings to avoid costly mistakes. It also helps you get approval and the necessary legal permits from the Planning Commission or local Government.


Feature surveying in Perth involves conducting rigorous field research. Horizon Survey’s team of land surveyors uses cutting-edge surveying tools and equipment and Surveying software to get a full, detailed plan of your property.


Horizon Surveys Feature Survey Services


Operating since 2007, Horizon Surveys has the expertise and experience necessary to conduct the best feature land surveys in Perth. We have the team and equipment to handle projects of all sizes, whether you’re a landowner or a real estate developer.

We can service properties in and around the Perth area, including Gosnells, Thornlie, and Duncraig.


Contact Expert Perth Surveyors For Feature Surveys


Trust Horizon Surveys with all your feature land surveying needs. Contact our head office in Jolimont at (08) 9387 8226 or email us at admin@horizonsurveys.com.au to set up an appointment.

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