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Horizon Surveys is one of the leading survey companies in Perth. We are the expert in land surveying, cadastral surveying, subdivisions, strata surveys, feature surveys, and a whole lot more. We take pride in our vast expertise and experience in the profession, as well as our  dedicated staff and excellent customer service.

What Are Land Surveying, Cadastral Surveying, And Subdivisions?

Land surveying is the art and science of measuring, determining, and mapping out property boundaries. It’s so integral to human society that we have been using it for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Egyptians and other civilizations. It’s used to define property boundaries, help in planning and designing of land development, and take stock of a property’s natural and artificial features.

One sub-practice is cadastral land surveying. Our cadastral services in Perth help you correctly establish your property lines. Cadastral surveys are most often used to re-mark property boundaries, divide property, and resolve property disputes. Horizon Surveys uses a combination of tools and techniques to calculate and mark your property borders and prepare a comprehensive yet easy to understand report.

Subdivisions are a common type of land development. When a larger piece of land is
subdivided up into smaller properties that are developed independently, that creates a subdivision. Subdivisions are a great solution for quick and affordable development. Our team is trained to maximize your land’s potential and assist with subdividing land from start to finalisation. Our team will provide expert advice and offer solutions for your development issues.


Perth Surveyors

Horizon Surveys has qualified land surveyors and engineers ready to assist anywhere in Perth. We operate in the following suburbs and cities:

Joondalup Surveyors

We provide expert land surveying, cadastral surveys, and other relevant services in the metropolitan area of Joondalup.

Thornlie Surveyors

Trust Horizon Surveys, the #1 land surveying company in Thornlie, for all of your boundary, detail, and level surveying needs.

Morley Surveyors

Our team can assist with land development projects and cadastral surveys in Morley, as well as in the other suburbs in the city of Bayswater.

Gosnells Surveyors

If you’re planning to buy or build on property in Gosnells, make sure to contact Horizon Surveys to conduct pre-planning and development land surveys.

Bayswater Surveyors

All of our surveyors in Bayswater are fully trained in the latest land surveying methods and cutting-edge technologies.

Dianella Surveyors

For properties in Dianella and the surrounding suburbs in Stirling, Horizon Surveys can handle all of your land surveying needs no matter how big or small.

Other Surveying Areas

Horizon Surveys has fully-licensed and trained surveyors all around Perth, including Duncraig, Craigie, and much, much more.

Contact Perth Surveyors For A Quote

Are you constructing a new building? Renovating your home? Or do you simply just want to know where your property actually is? Get an expert Perth surveyor on your team. Contact Horizon Surveys at (08) 9387 8226 or to get a quote or set up an appointment today.


Boundary Surveys

We are experienced Registered Land Surveyors and we specialise in wide variety of boundary surveys. From boundary identification to complex stratum subdivisions, we are experts in all types of boundary surveys. Our services include:

Detail Surveys

We deliver accurate and reliable plans in a wide variety of formats. We work with a number of architects and engineers who benefit from our flexibility and willingness to prepare plans to their standards.