Land Surveys Specialists

Horizon Surveys has many years' experience as surveyors in Perth and surrounding rural areas

Land Surveys Specialists

Horizon Surveys has many years' experience as surveyors in Perth and surrounding rural areas

Land Surveys Specialists

Horizon Surveys has many years' experience as surveyors in Perth and surrounding rural areas

Perth Licensed Surveyors

Land Surveyors, Perth, Western Australia

Subdivision of Land & Survey Strata, WA

Horizon Surveys, established in Wembley in 2007, has many years' experience as surveyors in Perth and surrounding rural areas. With our knowledgeable and qualified staff, we have established ourselves as reliable and professional land surveyors, who aim to provide a high quality, value-for-money service, backed by integrity and honesty.

As a focussed, dedicated surveying company we pride ourselves on providing great customer service at all times. With all our staff knowledgeable about each project, you can talk to anyone and easily get an update on your project's progress.

We specialise in surveying and subdivisions, including strata subdivisions, engineering surveying, and features and construction surveying; which means we can take care of all your surveying and subdivision requirements.

Perth today is undergoing tremendous growth, with many people subdividing parcels of land in order to maximise profits. We service a variety of clients including private land owners, architects, builders, real estate agents, local government departments, engineering companies, construction companies, and land developers.
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Are you looking for professional and experienced licensed surveyors in Perth?

Established in 2007, Horizon Surveys have an enviable reputation as one of the best Perth surveying companies, serving both Perth itself and the surrounding rural areas.

As land survey specialists, we not only have the expertise you need but our services come backed up with many years of industry experience, to make us one of the most respected surveying companies Perth has available.

Licensed surveyors in Perth with experience, expertise and excellent service

One thing you will notice about Horizon Surveys is that our team of knowledgeable and qualified staff will always do their utmost to provide you with the highest customer service.

Furthermore, as a customer focused business we make it our aim to provide a service that's not just affordable, but that is backed up with honesty and integrity. We're reliable, we're professional and as, one of the most dedicated licensed surveyors Perth has available, we always ensure that each member of our team is fully up to date with every project that we take on.

This means that there'll always be someone on hand to give you a full update on the progress of your project, whenever you need it.

The best licensed surveyors in Perth

Over the years we've been in business we've become specialists in surveying and subdivisions. Whether you need a professional surveyor to provide expertise on strata subdivisions, engineering surveying, identification services, or features surveys and construction surveying, Horizon Surveys can help.

We can take care of all your surveying and subdivision requirements, and are well-equipped to look after all kinds of developments and construction projects.

Our clients include local government departments, private landowners, land developers, architects, builders, engineering and construction companies, and real estate agents, so as you can see we really are one of the most respected surveyors Perth has on offer.

A Perth surveying company that's committed to continual growth

And we don't just mean growth of our client base. Here at Horizon Surveys, we're fully committed to helping our company to grow and evolve in order to offer you the best service possible.

Whether that's by investing in our staff or investing in the latest technologies, you'll find that we're the kind of licensed surveyor Perth needs to ensure that it receives the most up to date surveying services.

It's no wonder that we're the Perth surveying company that people can rely on and trust.

Contact your local Perth licensed surveyors now to find out more

If you'd like to learn more about any of our surveying services, contact us now by calling (08) 9387 8226 or alternatively you can send an email to 

We'd love the opportunity to discuss your needs and how we can help you with your project.

Horizon licensed surveyors provide the best surveying services in Perth. We specialise in residential land surveys, site & subdivision surveys.

Surveying is vital to every project

As every property developer knows, the most important step in any project is to have a quality land survey performed before the work commences. Without that, nothing else will get done.

Obviously you need to make sure you work with a licensed surveyor in Perth, to be certain the information you get is scientifically accurate.

Horizon Surveys is one of the most frequently recommended licensed surveyors in Perth, providing land surveys, strata surveys, and all kinds of other related services.

Being in Western Australia, it is no surprise to find mining tenement surveys also on the list of available services from Horizon.

Licensing and registration is essential

Perth surveying companies and individual Perth surveyors should be registered with the Land Surveyors Licensing Board of Western Australia (LSLB). This is the only way you can be certain that surveyors in Perth meet all the requirements to hold a Certificate of Competency.

In order to achieve this registration and to be issued with the Certificate of Competency, surveying companies in Perth (and every individual employed in the capacity of working as surveyors in Perth) must pass a number of criteria.

The first requirement for every individual is that they must have a recognized degree in surveying, which is basically your guarantee that the individual understands all the different variables that must be taken into account when performing a site survey.

They then need to complete an additional two years of practical experience under the supervision of another licensed surveyor. This provides you with the additional peace of mind that there are multiple levels of safety built into the licensing process.

The applicant must then also complete a series of set projects, and pass numerous exams including a survey law examination and practical examinations. Having made it through all this, they also must perform well in a professional interview conducted by the LSLB.

Strict for a good reason

If these requirements seem to be very strict, it's because the LSLB and the government of Western Australia realize the importance of surveying, and the terrible consequences that could result from an incompetently performed survey.

The licensing requirements are strict as a means of ensuring that only the best and most competent people can be licensed as surveyors in Western Australia. In this way, the terrible engineering and building accidents that have been seen in some overseas locations can be avoided in our own state.

The importance of this is enhanced by the fact that Western Australia is a mining state, so structural integrity is something we need to pay close attention to.

Integrity in licensing saves lives

Around the world in the past five years there have been at least 34 serious major structural collapses resulting in approximately 1900 fatalities and countless more injuries. Almost certainly some of these accidents occurred because of improperly performed surveys and other engineering mistakes.

By holding Australian surveyors to high standards, there have been no major structural collapse accidents in Australia since the Granville Railway Bridge incident in 1977, in which 84 lives were tragically lost. It has been shown since the incident occurred that it was a preventable incident.

All this is to say that due to the rigorous licensing requirements, you are much less likely to see structural failures due to surveying or engineering mistakes in Australia.

Just being licensed is not enough

You should also make sure any surveyor you work with, in addition to having the correct licensing and registration is also fully insured. Otherwise any legal recourse you may have would be limited to what the surveyor was able to pay.

Not once in the entire history of Horizon Surveys has an error ever been made, but we still have full insurance anyway, because our clients should be able to rely on more than just our word.

You should always check the insurance status of any professionals you work with. This is just a sensible business practice to follow.

The task of surveying

The two most important measurements recorded in most surveying jobs are distance and topography. To ensure a building site is level, very precise measurements need to be taken. This needs to be done even when the site is not going to be levelled, so the building engineers will know how to ensure the resulting building will be level.

Distance measurements are also important for establishing and verifying land boundaries. Sometimes due to natural processes, land boundaries can change. In order to make sure land owners are not disadvantaged by forces of nature, periodic checks of land boundaries need to be made.

Surveying also has a role to play in mapping and topological modelling. Another application of surveying is in already constructed buildings. Building surveying professionals can detect problems such as subsidence and other worrying conditions that can arise in existing buildings.

The simplest answer to what a surveyor actually does is that they measure things very precisely. While this may sound like a simple task, it is actually a very demanding one, and one that places a great deal of responsibility on the surveyor.

Why accuracy is so important

Even a tiny error in survey data could lead to serious consequences, which is in fact another good reason to choose your land building project surveyors with care.

It is also always best to work with surveyors who are familiar with the local area. Over many year Horizon Surveys has conducted survey operations all over Perth and surrounding areas, as well as more remote regions of Western Australia.

Working with Horizon Surveys means you can proceed with the confidence that comes from knowing the surveyors on your project are experienced professionals with a good track record and strong knowledge of the local environment.

Always get a land survey when buying property

It is not only builders and property developers who need the services of a land surveyor. Anyone considering buying land should have a survey done as well.

A survey will help you detect problems such as encroachment, boundary errors, and important geographic features such as erosion or subsidence. Knowing about these things in advance could save you many thousands of dollars.

Surveying is one of the most important preliminary tasks that need to be performed before a new construction or development can be commenced. This ensures the integrity of the data when a licensed surveyor has located all the features and land boundaries to provide accurate maps.

But there are many other ways a surveyor can help you. New construction projects are just one of the services a surveyor can assist with.

Some of the other services you can obtain from licensed surveyors in Perth include:

  • verification of easements and boundaries
  • subdivision of land
  • geographic feature surveys
  • identification surveys
  • lease area surveys
  • "as-constructed" and audit surveys
  • mining tenement surveys
  • checking land for effects of subsidence and other problems
  • There are other services available as well, mainly connected with GIS and other geographic needs.

Horizon is where you should set your sights

Horizon Surveys Pty Ltd stands out among surveying companies in Perth due to our long history of providing accurate results to our many hundreds of clients.

No job is too big or too small for us, and our Perth surveyors may find themselves involved in a multimillion dollar construction project one day, and checking the boundaries of a two hectare hobby farm the next.

Our tremendous flexibility and eagerness to provide top quality service to every client is what has helped us to reach the top ranks of Perth surveying companies.

Credentials matter

It is required for all practising surveyors in Perth to be appropriately licensed by the Land Surveyors Licensing Board of Western Australia (LSLB).

Our Surveyors and team leaders are all qualified with degrees from University (in Surveying) or with Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas (Surveying) from TAFE.

If you work with unlicensed contractors, you compromise the safety and Integrity of your project (because you have no way of knowing if they are truly professional or not). 

It is an offence in Western Australia for Surveyors who are not licensed to work on Boundary definition (or the determination of land boundaries).

So always make sure that anyone performing survey work for you is properly licensed and insured. When you hire Horizon Surveys as your surveyor, you never need to be concerned, because we use only licensed surveyors in Perth to work for our company in the determination of Land boundaries.

The best because we care

Horizon Surveys is not just another surveying company. We are committed to providing total excellence in every task we perform, which means you can rely on us for accuracy, accountability, and professionalism.

Getting your surveys from us can save you time and money, while you will always be certain that you are getting quality results. This means safe construction projects, accurate reports, and/or correctly drawn maps.

We are the best survey company in Perth, and we're determined to remain the best. Contact Horizon Surveys today and find out more about our services on (08) 9387 8226.

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